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Liability Release

We the undersigned do by our signing/submitting acknowledge that we have read, understand and accept the terms herein.

The NYC Junior Golf Club, it's directors or volunteers are free from all liability, claims, or other forms of legal action, including all costs and expenses, arising from and caused by, any incident which results in or arises out of any loss, property or personal, sustained by the undersigned during the travel to and from and while participating in any NYC Junior Golf activity, tournament, clinics field trip or event.

We will strictly observe the USGA Rules of Etiquette of golf, will properly and courteously conduct myself on the golf course, and will follow the regulations and dress code set forth by the host club and the NYC Junior Golf Club directors.

It is our responsibility to notify the NYC Junior Golf Club directors at least 24 hours prior to the event if unable to attend. We will abide by the prescribed penalties if we fail to cancel within specific time frame. We are also aware that there are NO REFUNDS.

We understand that my membership may be suspended or cancelled for willful disrespect of the Rules of Golf, Etiquette, of for the dishonest, unsportsmanlike or unbecoming conduct determined by the NYC Junior Golf Club directors.

By checking this box, you hereby acknowledge agreement to the above terms

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